Thursday, August 3, 2023

Reel Fun!

 Sorry for the delay on this week's post, but school just started back for the teachers and it's kinda crazy around here!

This week we have four Disney films in the Super 8mm format! Why do I have them? Well, when I was in school the teacher rolling a big ol' 16mm projector into the room was a sign that we were in for a treat! And sometimes that treat even included a Disney film! (Although none of these, I'm afraid) These kind of remind me of that thrill!

These weren't produced for school use. 8mm was the format for home theaters. Still, a reminder is a reminder, I guess. I picked three of these up at an estate sale, and one came from eBay. Let's take a look, shall we?

First, we have Mickey Mouse, The First 50 Years! It's actually a sound film that's 15.7 minutes long. It features clips from various Mickey Mouse shorts, including Steamboat Willy and The Band Concert. If you do a little math, you'll see this was probably produced around 1978.

Next, we have Goofy's Golden Gags! It's also a longer sound film. This one seems to be a collection of Goofy's "how to" shows. Of course it never goes well. At all. 

Now, this one is a shorter film, The Prince and the Dragon. It's silent and is a clip from Sleeping Beauty. Would you like to see it? I actually found this one on You Tube. Here ya go!

Finally, we have the one I got off of Ebay, Disneyland From Dream to Reality. It's silent too, and a short reel. Also, my copy has turned pretty magenta (as GAF film is wont to do). Still, I found it on You Tube as well. Here you go!

So there you have it! Why do I have them when I'll probably never play them? Why not? I think they're neat, and I paid under 10 bucks for all of them combined!

So until next time, keep searching for treasure!


  1. Stu, thank you for sharing these, and especially thanks for the added links to the actual films on YouTube. I see that "DISNEYLAND FROM DREAM TO REALITY" was made in 1982...I wonder if TokyoMagic was in the Christmas parade that's shown at the 28 second mark (IF that was footage from the previous Christmas parade). Also, Bu would've been at Disneyland during this time, too. Though I know this film footage goes back to the beginning of Disneyland - it looks like there is some footage from around 1981-1982.

    On a couple of the boxes of film, it states the DUE DATE is September 30 (or 10?), 1985. You are WAAAAAAAAY overdue. You better take care of those fines ASAP.

    Thank you for sharing!


    1. I hadn't thought of that! It would be really cool if they were in there!
      It's ok- my mom is a retired librarian. I have diplomatic immunity!

  2. Stu, these are some really nice items! Thanks for providing the links, too! I have a copy of the "Disneyland From Dream To Reality" film, which I purchased at Disneyland. Like yours, mine is the "Silent" version, because I did not want to fork over the extra money for the "Sound" version. Part of the reason for that was also that fact that I didn't have a sound projector, so it wouldn't have made a difference anyway. That's cool that the version on YouTube is the "Sound" version!

    Sue, the back of the box has "1979" on it, so it would not have footage from the parade I was in, unfortunately! I remember that specific film was first available for sale at DL, in 1980, for the park's 25th Anniversary/Family Reunion promotion. That footage of the dancing reindeer is pretty cool, but I believe it is much earlier footage, like possibly from the 1960s. We had a regular "park orientation" and then we had a separate "parade orientation." For that second one, they showed us some really cool footage of some of the earlier parades. I think that reindeer footage was included in what they showed us.

    - TokyoMagic!

    1. I was trying to find the least magenta version on You Tube and it just happened to be the sound one. Bonus!
      It's a bummer that you're not on it, but you're right about the dates, of course. Still, it would have been cool!
      Yes, I think I've seen that reindeer footage before. Maybe in Citizen Kane?
      Thanks for the comments!


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