Sunday, August 20, 2023

Banking on Clean Fun!

 Today I have something a little different. As I may have (or may not have) mentioned in the past, I sort of collect coin banks. I say "sort of" because I don't go out of my way to collect them, but I do find them entertaining and if I locate an interesting one at the right price, I'll pick it up.That's what happened here. I happened across this little tin bank and soap set at an auction for less than five dollars and it followed me home! 

As a kid, I had a love/ hate relationship with Avon. I was bored to death with toiletries and cosmetics, but Avon had some pretty interesting ways to package stuff that made even the dullest products kind of fun. This bank is in that vein.

Therefore, may I present to you, from 1978, the "Avon Safe Combination" soap set! 

The top of the box. I'm not sure why they didn't call it the "Combination Safe" set, but I'm sure they had their reasons... I guess...
I'm also not sure what scent "Tai Winds" is supposed to be, but it smells like I remember pretty much all perfumed soaps from the 70s smelling like...

The side of the box.

The end of the box (just for completeness).

Ah, here we are! The back of the box contains some copy! I'm not sure we needed instructions on where to place these items, but it must have been tough coming up with something to say.

INSIDE the box! You can just feel the excitement building!

And this is what you get.

The bank is pretty straightforward. A nonfunctioning plastic dial (well, it does spin), and a top that pops off to give you access to your coins.

In case you missed the "made in England" on the box.

The soaps come in their styrofoam holder that has kept them in pretty amazing shape for the past 45 years.

Granted, they look much closer to butter than gold, but the effort was there.

So there you have it! I have used the bank from time to time, and it holds pennies like a champ! So, not exactly a "treasure," but kind of fun anyway. Sort of like most Avon novelty items from the 60s and 70s.

Well, that does it for this week! Until next time, keep searching for treasure! (Or mildly interesting stuff)


  1. I loved Avon products. This little treasure is interesting, as I sold Avon from 1977 to 1979, along with doing my other jobs and going to high school. Teachers and classmates loved Avon, and many of them ordered from me. I even had friends collect orders from their classmates, for me, and we split the profits. I wish I remembered this cute bank and soaps, but I don't. Maybe because my customers mainly ordered perfume decanters and makeup...very popular with the high school girls!

    Thanks, Stu, for sharing your bank and butter combo!


    1. Wow, you had quite the business going there!
      My main memory of Avon was in the mid to late 60s. My mom would have ladies over and they would have parties. I'm not sure if she actually sold it, or if she provided the place for someone else. I remember a lot of "Snoopy" themed stuff. Snoopy was HUGE then! Lol!

    2. In the 1970s I remember my mom used to buy Avon products from a lady who came door to door, and later my little sister (who was just a child) liked the soaps and lotions that came in cute containers.

      You should keep the most valuable item you own in this Avon bank!

    3. Lol, not much will fit in it!
      I think I'll post about a few more banks, though.

  2. Stu, I do remember the Avon Snoopy floating soap came with an oval white bar of soap that sat on Snoopy's tummy area, as he floated on his back. Great for kids in the tub. I just glanced on eBay and see some for sale. Some shysters have them listed as being from 1950. Not quite. They're from about 1968-1970. Thanks for jarring my memory.


  3. Cute! It reminds me of few Avon decanters I used to use for Barbie doll furniture. The only one I've managed to hang onto is a woodstove.

    1. I tell a lie: my remaining decanter is a Victrola.

    2. I remember those decanters, and, in fact, have a few! I might dig them out soon, if anyone is interested.


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