Sunday, August 13, 2023

Gold Records!

 ...well sort of, anyway.

This week I'm sharing an estate sale find that I got recently. It is this...

I was really excited at first, because I saw the publisher was an old friend- namely, Disneyland Records!

 When I looked closer, however, I noticed that none of the books and records was actually a Disney property. They were all classic children's stories, with nary a Mickey to be found! The collection was also a bit newer than I originally thought, having been produced in 1976.

Still, all of the 20 books and records were there, and although the box was in rough shape, the books were much better and the records were perfect- not a scratch!

Also, they were free. You see, we were the ones having the sale for my step-father (and he was doing it for the family of one of his long time renters who passed away- and everything not sold was going to charity- and it didn't sell...)

So, I took the box home. Here are the books...

This is what the backs of all of the books looks like:

And here is a shot of the inside and record from Smokey the Bear...

As I said, the outside box is in pretty rough shape, with water damage and some tears- and some duct tape!

Still, it's a fun collection, which sells for about 40 bucks online- even if it didn't sell at the estate sale. 

Would you like to experience the audio/ visual thrill that is a Little Golden Book- Record? Well, I've got you covered! Or, You Tube does, anyway... 

By the way, You Tube has several others as well- including some not in this set!

So there you have it! Not exactly the book set I wanted, but still fun anyway!

Until next time, keep searching for treasure!


  1. What a great way to get kids interested in reading books!

    I noticed the one book calls him "Smokey the Bear." Wasn't there some issue, a while back, and it then was decided he's "Smokey Bear"? No "the." Poor bear. No one truly knows who he is.

    You definitely found a treasure, Stu. Thank you for sharing.


    1. They also changed his saying from "Only you can prevent forest fires" to Only you can prevent wildfires," which, while maybe closer to the message, doesn't sound as good to me.
      Progress? I think not.

  2. Sweet! Great artwork, in surprisingly good condition!
    I've always thought that one of my childhood favorites, "The Cat Who Would Be King" was part of this series, but Google tells me it was put out by another company. Funny, the tricks memory plays!


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