Saturday, January 19, 2019

But Wait- There's More!

Today we have three more 1971 Hot Wheels! So let's jump right in, shall we?

I really like the Sugar Caddy (a takeoff on the Sugar Daddy candy name) The door numbers look a little too clean on this one, so I'm pretty sure they're repops, but I don't mind!

The T-4-2 is what happens when you have too many fronts and no backs. This is actually my second one. The first had repop wheel caps and roof and perfect paint. The problem was it doesn't roll. I found this one at an estate sale for under a buck. It has an original top and just slightly worse paint (same color). It also rolls straight and fast! A quick wheel cap switch and into the display case it went!

The Team Trailer is a Heavyweight that can be kind of expensive. I got a good deal on this one because the rear wheels didn't roll. Fortunately, the top pops off easily on these, and I was able to fix it quickly and easily with a dab of epoxy on the rear axle. All good!
So there you go! We only have three more and 1971 will be finished!

Until next time  keep searching for treasure!