Sunday, January 30, 2022

A Rare Bird

 Well, if by "bird" you mean car. Small, miniature car. Notice I didn't say "toy car." Allow me to explain.

I actually posted about this car a while back. I found it in a box of Matchbox cars at an estate sale. The estate was from a professional European race car driver. 

I wasn't able to identify it at first. When I did a search on sold items on eBay (that's what you can do to find the approximate value of stuff) I was shocked to see that it went for about 250.00! But why? I couldn't find out much more. Here it is, by the way...

Well, while strolling around the interwebs, I found this,

"...1/43 white metal handbuilt and kits from the U.K. All are replicas of MGs (which were made in Abingdon, U.K. plant until plant closure in 1980.)

Abingdon Classics was begun by Max Kernick in 1975. Around July 1979, the JEM range of MG kits appeared (Magic Octagon Series). Many of the patterns were made by Ian Pickering. At first, built models with a "JM" number were sold in Abingdon Classics packaging. Production model MGs were issued in authentic MG factory colors."

So now I know that my car is an early Abingdon Classics model, made in the U.K.,  that was probably pre-built. It's probably from around 1979, and is a model, not a toy. Apparently these models are fairly rare and prized by collectors. 

It makes sense that a professional driver from Europe would have it, and I guess the people running the sale threw it in a box with the other cars not knowing what it was. In this case, I found treasure and didn't even know it! 

So, until next time, keep searching for treasure!

Saturday, January 22, 2022

A Plate of Railroad Berries...


I don't have nearly as much Knott's Berry Farm stuff as I have Disney, but I have picked up a few odds and ends. This usually happens when I'm looking through an antique mall or thrift shop and don't find any Disneyland or Walt Disney World stuff, but I do spot sonething from Knott's. If there were Disney stuff, I probably wouldn't buy the Knott's stuff, but you hate to waste a whole trip.

That's probably how I got this item. I say "probably" because I really don't remember buying it or where I got it from. You see, not only is it a Knott's item, its a plate, and I usually pass those by. However, here ya go:

Its about 7 1/4 inches in diameter with lots of gold! 

The main thing that it has going for it is that it shows the Ghost Town and Calico Railroad, which is always cool. I also like the little historical blurb on the back. I have no idea when it was made, other than it had to be after 1952 (and probably a lot after). All in all, its not bad, its just not super great.

Still, I'll hang onto it. It's a nice testiment to not giving up on a dry run. 

Until next time, keep searching for treasure!

Monday, January 17, 2022

Disneyland On The Air!

 This week's item is A Little Golden Book from 1955, "Disneyland On The Air." I'm pretty sure this was written before much of anything was known about what the park was actually going to be. It's like the writers were told "We need to promote Disneyland, but all we have to go on is what Walt has put on his show every week."

This was obviously a problem.

First, let see what they knew. The cover shows the castle (a bit grander than in real life, but pretty close), a combined Main Street and Frontierland, the Mark Twain, the Opera House, and a very un-Moonlinerish Moonliner. In fact, the rocket looks a lot like the one at the beginning of Walt's show.

Inside, we see a horse drawn streetcar. And that's about it.

On the flypage there is a quote:

"Disneyland, in southern California, is truley the land of childhood's dreams come true. Millions have visited this magic land on TV, and soon will in reality. Here for the first time some of its delights may be sampled in book form."

The book then goes on to feature not one Disneyland delight. 

The story is about a show being shot at the Opera House which does NOT include a frustrated Donald. Of course everything is resolved at the end...except that the reader knows no more about Disneyland than they did from the front cover.

As I said though, I'm pretty sure the writers worked with all they had, it just wasn't much. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to go to that park when it finally opens (it's been almost a year, for Pete's sake!)

For your enjoyment here is the book:

And there you have it! 

I found this little gem in a antique mall in Denison, Tx., so you never know where Disneyland items will crop up!

Until next time, keep searching for treasure!

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Racing Corgis!

 First, I know this post is late. Our almost 15 year old Lab mix is not doing well, so the last few days have been spent at vet offices and doggie hospitals. We're home now, and I wish I could day she's doing much better, but she really isn't. 

Anyway, I suddenly realized that I had forgotten to post. So I quickly snapped so pictures ya go!

My treasure this week is a Corgi toy from 1972. I actually had this car as a kid, but I seem to remember it having a very unfortunate accident...or three. But eBay can give you back all your childhood junk...for a price.

The price this time wasn't too bad (under 10 bucks, I think) and it came with THE BOX! I knew what I had to do. I jumped on it! 

Here is my replaced childhood car:

                            In the box!!!
It cost 2.50 in 1972, which is just over 16 bucks today. Corgis have always been expensive!
The back of the box showing the other cars in the series.
This is model number 151. All Corgis have a number.
The bottom of the box showing 1972.
The Yardly McLaren out of the box!
The bottom of the car. It even has the scale. And, of course, Made in Great Britain.

So there you have it! I'm pretty sure that this one isn't going to have any horrible accidents. At least not at my hands! 

Until next time, keep searching for treasure!

Monday, January 3, 2022

A New Year and New Cars...1957!

 Ok, so the cars may be 65 years older than the new year, but they were new at the time this brochure was printed by Ford/Mercury! We picked this gem up in a load of other auction items a long time ago, and I think it's pretty neat-o. I'll let you look through it...

 As you can see, it's actually one sheet that's folded to make a booklet. 

The items that stand out to me are the push button gear selection (my dad had a car with that, but I can't remember what kind it was), the 290 HP (which seems like a lot for the time), and how long and sleek these craft were! The graphics are fantastic, by the way!

You know, the '57 Chevy Bel Air gets all of the love from the classic car guys, but I think I'd really rather have one of these beauties. They look far more comfortable and stylish. If I had been car shopping in 1957 (which would be a miracle because I wasn't born until five years later) these would have caught my eye and tempted my wallet. 

Did I mention that we didn't even know this was in the stuff we bought? Sometimes treasure finds you!

Until next time, keep searching for treasure!