Sunday, June 5, 2022

Another Found Disney Game

 I promise I thought I was completely out of Disney park games! I swear! And then I opened a drawer on the coffee table that I hadn't opened in a long long time and, to quote that great American philosopher, Homer Simpson, 


Yup. I forgot one. 

Here we have the Disney Parks Edition of Monopoly! (1st Edition). 

These came out in 2002 and were (originally, at least) only available at the parks. I'm not sure if I got mine at WDW, but I think not. I really can't remember exactly.

How much is this different than regular Monopoly? Not much at all, actually. Here are the instructions, with the "differences" page.

As you can see, most of the differences are really just modified pieces and names. Still, it's pretty neat. 

Here's what's in the box...

The colorful, very Disney, board. Note the properties are now attractions from Disneyland, WDW, or Disneyland Paris. No other parks existed yet.

The money has Disney characters on it. I wonder how good ol' Merlin got stuck on the single? He obviously needs a new agent.

Instead of Hotels, you have Castles (of course). These actually look better when you don't look this close. They look a little "melty" at this range. 

Instead of Houses, you get Main Street Buildings because...well, I'm not sure. Both sides of these look the same. I prefer them to the Castles...

Ah, the custom tokens! These are all supposed to be ride vehicles or park transportation. From the back, left to right, we have a teacup, a Haunted Mansion Doombuggie, a WDW Splash Mountain log (double wide), a train that could either be the Disneyland Railroad or Casey Jr, a ship that I at first thought referred to The Pirates of the Caribbean- but since it's supposed to be something you ride in, I guess it's from Peter Pan?, an Astro Orbiter rocket, the Monorail, and a Magic Carpets of Aladen carpet. Whew!

So we're all ready to set up and buy us some Disney, baby! ...which is, of course, exactly what they want you to really do. Especially with the "new bosses" everything.

I mentioned that this was the first edition because they now have an edition that features a large fold-out castle in the middle. It looks interesting...Maybe...

Anyway, I think I'm finally really really out now. 

Until next time, keep searching for treasure...even around your house!


  1. Stu, this looks like a nice version of Monopoly. Though I actually can’t stand playing Monopoly...I guess ‘cause I always remember losing - and it’s always a sloooooow death. But this looks like it’s more fun than the original version.


    P.S. Are you positive that’s a doombuggy?? It looks like a toilet.

    1. I'm with you on Monopoly.I'm usually ok with one game every few years, lol!
      Maybe it's a Doom Toilet...
      the jokes just write themselves!

  2. Haven't played in years but that version would definitely get me to the table. Thanks Stu.


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