Monday, April 15, 2024

A Box O' Magic Kingdom!

This week I'm featuring a fun little item that I picked up a while back. A "Walt Disney's Wonderful Worlds" metal lunchbox from Alladin (the company, not the movie). Lets's take a look, shall we?

First, we have Mickey, Pluto and...uh...Hewy? Dewy? Heck, one of the nephews taking a spin on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (which seems to have been possessed by the spirit of Casey Jr....creeeeeepy!) It's nice artwork and one of the main reasons I bought the box. There's also an impossible to get in real life view of Cindy's castle in the background!

Ok, this part confuses me a little. All of the panels show the Magic Kingdom except this one. I remember the World on Ice Shows, but isn't this a little off theme? And it's the second most important panel on the box! I suspect "the suits" had something to do with this.

Ah, now we're back where we're supposed to be! And while I've never seen Goofy anywhere near The Jungle Cruise, at least we're back in the park!

Another great Magic Kingdom attraction! (although not as great as the Disneyland version) My first thought was "I didn't know Donald was a pirate!" But then I noticed which side of the bars he's on. Way to round 'em up, Donald!

And, of course, my favorite panel of all. I think the graphics for this one are spot on, with Mickey actually looking scared of the rather creepy looking ghosts. I also like the extreme upward angle on the Mansion. Good stuff!

Then we have a panel dedicated to Tomorrowland. Actually, it's pretty fun, with the gang riding Space Mountain, but the dang handle is in the way! Personally, I would have put the silly ice show under there instead. 

And, finally, the kind of beat up insides, which does NOT feature the thermos. Kind of like backstage, I guess. Move along, nothing to see here...

 And that's about it. Now this isn't an item that I would have used myself as a kid. It's from 1980, which means I would have been a junior in high school. Still, I like it a lot since my first trip to Florida's Magic Kingdom was in 1981! It was my second trip to a Disney property (the first being my trip to Disneyland in 1973) and The Magic Kingdom was all that was there! Epcot opened in October 1982...and I caught it in 1990...

So, there are some good memories here, and some fun graphics, so all is right with the world, I suppose. 

Until next time, keep searching for treasure!


  1. I guess one would expect the inside to be a little dinged up and corroded, given all the thermos bottles banging around and all the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches leaking like highly acidic alien slime. Like you, I didn't expect to see a chorus line of beauties. Normally you would expect to see the old west can-can dancers from the Golden Horseshoe, not the scantily clad Rockettes on ice!

    1. Yeah, Diamond Horseshoe would have been better. I have a feeling they were being directed to push the ice show though.
      No acid stains inside! Yay!
      I guess the acid ate the thermos though... Boo!

  2. Ha! My favorite is the JC scene - I love how Goofy is 'making the hippo mouth'! He better be careful or the skipper may shoot him, too.

    The haunted mansion scene is pretty cool, too.

    Whenever I see a lunchbox with a thermos, I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Many times, in grade school, my mom would include a thermos in my lunch box - with either a hot soup or maybe spaghetti-o's...always a nice extra-something in the cold, winter months. But on a few too many occasions, I dropped my lunch box at school before lunch, and the thermos would be full of broken thermos glass inside. There went most of my lunch. *sigh*
    Stu, thankfully, you did not include a thermos in this post. ;o)

    Thanks for sharing, Stu!

    1. Yes, those old glass thermoses were only good for breaking! What were they thinking, giving those to kids??? It's a conspiracy, I say!
      I'm pretty sure I broke a couple myself. Of cpurse, now a lunchbox with an intact thermos is worth a lot more than one without. Rairity matters, I guess!


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