Monday, March 25, 2024

Dad's Caddy

 Greetings Attic-ittes!

This week we have an item that my father found at an estate sale. You see, I came by my collecting bug honestly. My dad, Dr. Harold Powley, was a guru of navigating flea markets, garage sales, and estate sales. He had a knack for finding vintage golf equipment, and anything else that interested him and bringing it home.

Unfortunately, he passed away from Parkinson's in 2008. One of the items he had in his room at the assisted care facility was this Danbury Mint 1953 Cadillac. You see, he always loved Cadillacs (and actually owned one at the time he passed away). After he passed away, the 1953 model went to me. Let's take a look...

The 1953 Cadillac by Danbury Mint. This is a big, heavy model, being 1/16 scale.

A better look at the interior. Unfortunately I don't have the convertable roof. Dad probably never had it either.

The detailed engine...

The trunk with the missing spare tire. The carpet is fuzzy.

The dash is pretty detailed and the steering wheel turns the front wheels.

The detailed chassis.

Although I like this car, it's not something I would have picked up. The cars I buy are usually much smaller, lol! Still, I would never part with this one, of course. It reminds me of so many fun things about my dad, it really is a treasure!

Until next time, keep searching for treasure!


  1. So much detail! I think they just took a real car and shrunk it down with a Shrink-O-Ray.

    1. I wish I could unshrink it!
      Now where is that unshrinkerator???


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