Sunday, June 4, 2023

Two Missed Trays?

 When you do a blog featuring various items, you (if, in fact you are me and not so much "you") can lose track of what you have and have not posted. For example, I could have sworn that I posted both of these items before, but when I did a search of the ol' Attic, nothing came up. Now, that's probably because I somehow missed posting them, but in the event that I have posted them before, please act like you haven't seen them. My therapist says it will help.

Today we have two glass trays of varying types. Going with the oldest first, I give you my Houze Art Disneyland tray! (Insert trumpet fanfare here)

This small tray (4 inches by 5 inches) was sold in the park in the 1960s and 1970s, along with various other Houze Art trays. This was probably not intended to be an ashtray, since there are no "cigarette notches" in it. Interestingly (at least to me) this is the rarer of two trays with this design, having clear glass and blue detailing. The more common tray has smoked glass with yellow detailing. 

However, even this one is fairly common. In fact, buying one still in the box, like this one, will only set you back 20 bucks or so. A bargain, really! And you can get an unboxed smoked glass version for under 10 bucks pretty easily!

Next, we have the Disneyland Hotel ashtray (rare version).

This is considered the "rare version" because the "Disneyland Hotel" script is molded into the underside of the tray. The common version uses a decal. 

It's small, at about 4 1/4 inches in diameter. Now when I first picked this one up, I thought it must be from the 60s, but Van Eaton Auctions says it's from the 1980s. Of course, they also sold it for 150.00, when you can pick one up off of eBay for around 40 bucks, so are you really gonna trust those guys? Are ya? Huh? 

Wait...where were we? Oh yeah- Anyway, it's a nice, heavy item that is probably my favorate of the two trays. There's just something classy about the simple design that I like. And if I ever decide to take up chain smoking, I'm all set! Yay!

So, there you have it. I should probably do searches on other things I have laying about that I just assume I've posted, but it's Sunday and I'm nothing if not lazy. 

Until next time- keep searching for treasure!


  1. Ooooh, that DL Hotel ashtray is really nice.....if you are into ashtrays.....which I happen to be, even though I have never smoked a single day in my life. It sounds like you definitely got the better version, without a decal that could potentially wear or flake off with age.

    As for the DL castle dish, I have one somewhere, but I can't tell you which version. I have a feeling that mine doesn't have that much (if any) blue on it, so it's most likely the more "common" version. I also have one that is identical in size and shape, with the Walt Disney World castle on it. That same company made a round bowl with similar looking graphics of various DL attractions around the edges. And the edges of the bowl are "wavy" if that makes sense.

    I bought those items at a flea market and on ebay, but there is one item that I actually bought at DL, which came in a similar box with that same "A Disneyland Tray Gift" sticker on the clear lid. That was a set of salt and pepper shakers, with Mickey and Minnie's heads on them. I bought them either in the late 1970s or possibly 1980, and I've never used them. I need to go looking for those!

  2. I forgot to include my name in the comment above. It's me, TokyoMagic! And now I'm wondering when they stopped selling those packaged "Tray Gifts" at the Disney parks?

    1. Hey TM! I know exactly the bowl you're talking about!
      Yeah, I don't smoke either, but I do like ashtrays. Why? Maybe because it reminds me of growing up when everybody smoked (except nobody in my family). Those shakers sound nice! You really should dig them out!


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