Sunday, March 6, 2022

erutnevdA fo dnaL A

 Ok, I couldn't write it upside down, so I wrote it backwards.

You see, before we mosey into the next game, we need to take a slight detour down under.  Today I have a weird duck for you (don't worry GDB readers, it's not an actual duck). May I present to you, Walt Disney's Adventureland Game- Australian edition!

Now the first thing that jumps out at me (good thing it's not a real duck) is that apparently Australians think the Mark Twain runs on the Jungle Cruise waterways. Maybe that's the only stock photo they had of a Disneyland boat? Maybe they just didn't know any different? Maybe they didn't really care? Heck, I don't know. But it kind of looks nice, I guess.

That brings me to my next observation- the type font. Although it's not marked anywhere, I think this was produced in the late 60s to early 70s based on that alone. It would not surprise me to see the Osmonds on board. 

The game board is slightly smaller than the original, and the whole game is made of that "too thin" cardboard that the Lakeside games are made of. The cards are a bit smaller too. I can't speak about the game pieces because I didn't get any with it. I tried to look up an example online, but had no luck. That means it's rare!

However "rare" doesn't always mean "valuable," and I suspect that's the case here. The game is just too cheaply made for me to think there are tons of collectors out there dying to have it. Also, it could even be a knockoff. Interestingly enough, the instructions mention the Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and Frontierland games. I've never seen them in this version so they might not exist. Of course, I'd never seen this one before I stumbled across it under a ton of other games at a thrift store, so you never know.

But, when I saw it I HAD to have it, so I grabbed it, shoved a couple of kids and an old lady out of the way on my way to the register and plunked down my money! (They were ok)

So until next time, shove kids and old people out of the way for treasure!


  1. The art is a lot of fun - I love the water-skiing elephant!

  2. Stu, it's interesting how the board for this game is the same as the one for the game from your last post.

    A few days ago, I saw a Disneyland game (like I had from the 60s and loved) on ebay - in excellent shape, with all its pieces, with a starting bid around $35 - and no one was bidding. I just went online, a couple hours ago, to see when the auction was to end (with me thinking it was tomorrow) and, sadly, realized the auction had ended about 1/2 hour prior. UGH! And that only bidder won that game for an excellent price. As I'm typing this, I'm now wondering if that bidder was YOU?! ;o)


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