Monday, October 11, 2021

Discs in the Attic: Classic Fan DVDs

 As I was rearranging my DVDs (yes, I still have and love my DVDs) I ran across a couple of titles that I enjoyed quite a bit, but that are now "vintage" in that they were each produced over 10 years ago. So, I dusted them off (literally) and snapped some pics. 

The first is the disc that leads off the post; The Secret Tour of Disneyland. This was a father/ daughter project that grew out of a school assignment into something really special. So special, in fact, that I've watched it quite a few times. 

Even though now some things are out of date, it's still a very fun trip around Disneyland. Lauren (the MC) does a great job and thanks to her dad's video editing skills, pops into attractions and places she normally couldn't.

It's totally fun and they came out with a second edition a year later, with pretty much the same content but with 16:9 screen ratio. There are a few updates in the facts, I hear, but I don't have that edition so I can't speak to that. 

I'd like to get the second edition, but Amazon shows just one 199.99. As much as I like this DVD, I don't like it that much. 

Oh, here's the back of the case:

Here is my next re-discovery:

Disneyland Dream is a completely charming story of the Barstow family's trip in 1956. They won the trip through a Scotch Tape contest. It really was a dream come true!

The original film was shot and narrarated by the father, Robbins Barstow. It is as campy and wonderful as any home movie ever made, with silly effects and random memories of the adventure. You can tell this family was beside themselves with excitement, and Disney rolled out the red carpet for them!

Full disclosure: you can see the home movie on YouTube, but I don't think you can see the 20 minute special feature "The Making of Disneyland Dream." In it, the family adds memories from 53 years later. 

The film was inducted into the National Film Registry at the Library of Congress, so it really does have historic merit. But, mainly it's fun. By the end you feel like a lucky Barstow yourself!

Oh, here's the back of that DVD:

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't have any copies left. You might check on eBay for either of these titles. I could have, I guess, but I was already a day late on the post...

So, hop on those interwebs and keep searching for treasure!


  1. If you don't like the prize in the Scotch Tape contest, well, you're stuck with it.

    (I'll show myself out.)

  2. I have that first DVD, in fact the man who created it asked me if he could use a few of my photos. As you said there is an updated second edition. Lauren is a charming hostess for this tour! You can watch "Disneyland Dream Revisted" over at ( The original "Disneyland Dream" was originally discovered there, my guess is that the person who made the DVD just helped themselves to free videos and tried to make a buck off of them!

    1. Actually, it says the family put them out, but who knows?

      John Delmont and Lauren did a great job, alright! I have other fan produced videos that are nowhere near as good (Fanparkology, for example)
      It makes you appreciate the good stuff!


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