Saturday, September 4, 2021

Secret Agent Car!

 Probably the most iconic movie car is the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 used in several James Bond films, notably Goldfinger. Many toy companies made examples, including Corgi (I still have my childhood version) and Johnny Lightning. There are plastic models and slot car versions as well. Yes, it would seem the DB5 was completely covered...until Danbury Mint released the ultimate version about 20 years ago!

The Danbury Mint 1/24 scale Aston Martin is the gold standard of Aston Martin models. I originally saw an ad in Collecting Toys magazine (R.I.P.), and I had to have it! I paid for it on a payment plan (yes, it was that expensive, and I'm that cheap).

And here she is!

The car uses a lot of metal so it's very heavy
The car uses a LOT of metal, so it's very heavy. It't about 7.5 inches long and 3 inches wide. The paint is the actually factory correct.
A nice side shot. I have the ejection seat roof off and the bulletproof shield up.
It was so nice, I'll show it again...
A nice shot of the rear of the car showing the ridiculous amount of detail. You can see the retractable shield, the tail light that folds down to release a smoke screen, the rotating liscense plates and even the opening gas cap.
A front view showing the front wheels that are turned by the steering wheel. The antenna raises and lowers.
The spring loaded ejection seat sitting on top of the car. The instructions say to remove the roof panel before hitting the switch. I'm pretty sure Bond didn't have to do that.
Ridiculous details continued: It's hard to see, but the center (or should I say "centre?") console opens to show a phone.
...and there is an opening secret hiding spot in the driver's door.
The very detailed underside.
The center console also boasts a radar screen because why not?
There is a weapons tray that pulls out from under the drivers seat...
Machine guns hidden behind the parking lights...
The fully detailed engine, complete with wires.
A close up of the smoke screen tail light. Ot actually opens and closes.
The trunk opens (of course) and the spare tire (tyre?) comes out. When it's inside the trunk, it's under a lift out plate in the floor.
A tire ripper...and another opening gas cap.

My title! Each one was personalized.
And additional car info!

So there you have it! She sits proudly on my bookcase waiting for potential 1/24 scale super villians to try to take over the 1/24 scale world! 

Until next time keep searching for treasure!


  1. I thought just the car itself was pretty spiffy, but I'm gobsmacked tat they included all the spy gadgets!

    1. I know! Some designer had a good time designing this one! The real issue is deciding how to display it. Stuff "activated" or not??? Right now it's "not."

  2. I want one! Either the die-cast or a 1:1 scale working model - I’ll take either. Unless I have to pay for it. Then the deal is off. Who do I look like, Willard Whyte?


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