Saturday, March 3, 2018

1971...The Next Three

One reason that I haven't finished the 1971 set of Hot Wheels is that, for some reason, the prices are pretty high for that year. I, being cheap, tend to look and look until I find a good deal. Sometimes those deals are VERY hard to come by. Hence...I wait.

However, I do have over twenty from this year, so here are the next three...

The Bye-Focal features a see through hood that you would never see in real life. Still, this stretched Dodge Challenger is all kinds of cool!

The Classic Cord features a 1937 Cord with a blown engine sticking out of the hood. This one is usually very expensive. 

The Cockney Cab is based on an English Austin cab. It has no door on the passenger side. 
So there you go! Until next time, keep searching for treasure!

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