Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Traveling With Disney!

It's winter. It's cold. It's dark. And I'm thinking Summer Road Trip!!!

This week I have an item for you that I've had for a while, but it still brings a smile to my face. It's the Wonderful World of Disney Magazine (presented by Gulf Service Stations) This book was the perfect companion for a road trip to Disneyland (or other places, since it featured different American locations). It was chock full of stories, puzzles, jokes, and (let's face it) Disney advertisements (which we loved).

Now this particular edition (volume one, number four, 1970) focuses on the newly opened Haunted Mansion! It even has a section on America's Haunted Houses as a tie in! So here is a small sample from this fantastic magazine!

The cover has a great illustration of our favorite haunt!

If you read through the contents you will see there is a lot of fun stuff in here!


I love the skeletons from "Skeleton Dance" dancing across the page...

A little plug for a certain tv show...

Comics? Sure, we've got that!

I'm not sure if the "Monster of the Month" was an ongoing thing, but I think this is a weird choice.

Recruiting the little ones for a ink and paint career?

Even Goofy shorts get a nod here!

Everybody sing along!

And a movie plug!

I like this ad. It just seems happy to me!

How early 1970's can you get? About as much as this back cover!
So there is your taste. There is actually much more. I like the idea of having this in the car as my family made the long trip to Disneyland. The only problem is that I can't read in the car. I get sick as a dog. Still, maybe I could have read it in the motel room on the stops on the way. Anyway, it's a good dream!

Until next time, keep searching for treasure!

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