Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Some Minty Fresh Hot Wheels!

Years ago, a vintage toy store opened up a few miles from my house. The owner bought a ton of carded, unopened Hot Wheels dating from the mid 1970's to the mid 1980's. Since he knew I was a "Hot Wheels guy" he asked me to price them. With my Tomart's guide in hand, I went through the several hundred cars and deemed their worth.

In appreciation, the owner gave me eight cars whose packages had become damaged, and that he didn't want to bother with selling (remember he had a few hundred mint packages). Unfortunately now, almost twenty years later, the shop is no longer there. However I still have my "blister pull" mint cars. And here they are...

1978 A-OK

1979 Auburn 852

1980 T-Totaller

1981 Kenworth Steering Rig

1982 Old Number 5

1982 Stutz Blackhawk

1983 Classic Packard
1983 '67 Camaro

Now although my true interest with Hot Wheels lies in the years 1968 through 1972, these still have an honored place in my collection since I can honestly say that none have ever been played with. You just are not going to find better examples of these cars. Therefore, they spend their days safely behind glass.

Until next time, keep searching for treasure!


  1. That 1983 '67 Camaro is really cool! So is the

    I agree with you about Hot Wheels from 1968-1972. Those Redlines with the Spectraflame paint jobs were the best. I was eight years old when Hot Wheels hit the market making it the perfect age for receiving them. I collected everyone of them only to have my parents donate them as I grew older. I even had all of the original "Sweet Sixteens" back then. I collected the Spoilers, Heavyweights and Sizzler cars then about that time got into other things. If only my parents didn't throw them out. Thanks for posting. Brings back memories.

    1. Thanks for the comments!
      I was six when they came out and although I had a pretty good collection at the time (I was an only child) I don't have any from when I was a kid. I do have all the 1968, 1969, and 1970 lines (working on 1971). If you look through the posts I've shared all those cars (plus some other Hot Wheels stuff). Have fun!


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