Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Corgis Are Coming, The Corgis Are Coming!

That title makes me think of a bunch of short, cute, British dogs running pell-mell toward us, which makes me smile. I should probably end this one right now on a high note, but I'm going to push ahead and point out that the Corgis of which I speak are not, in fact, dogs, but are actually toy cars.

Corgi Toys were made in Great Britain and imported to the states. The quality of the cars was extremely high, and they often had functioning features for extra play value. You couldn't get them just anywhere, and they were more expensive that your typical Matchbox or Hot Wheels. Maybe that's why I actually still have some from my childhood!

Therefore I present to you, my childhood Corgis...

This Jeep FC-150 is a hardy survivor from my kid days. It used to have a cover on the back, but I lost it decades ago. 

The Ford Tractor is missing its exhaust stacks and it's trailor. However it still steers well and the lever by the seat still opens and closes the trailor hitch. Notice the "jewel" headlights. 

This was one of my first cars. The Morris Mini-Minor must have made an impression on me because I now drive a real Mini Cooper. The real one isn't as cool. 

How could you be a boy in the 60's and not love James Bond? My Astin Martin still has functioning machine gun button, spinning plates, tire rippers, bullet shield, and ejection seat. What's not to love?

The Stingray on the top is from my childhood. I found the (in slightly better shape) Stingray on the bottom at a Goodwill store years later. 

This Batmobile isn't from my childhood, although I had one. I got this one at a toy show as an adult. Batman and Robin have stepped away for a while. Also, I'm pretty sure the one I had as a kid had the "Bat-Hub" wheels on it. Still, it's a pretty good example.

Like the Batmobile, my Green Hornet Black Beauty is a fill in for my lost childhood toy. I got it at a toy show as well...

So there you have it! It's amazing what great memories can still be found in these little cars!

Until next time, keep searching for treasure!

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