Monday, January 15, 2024

On a January Day, 64 years Ago...

A quick post this week, as I'm packing for a cruise!

My wife and I bought a couple of storage units years ago, and one of them was very interesting. This was with some paperwork...

Yes, a Cotton Bowl ticket from January 1, 1960! The teams playing were the University of Texas Longhorns and the Syracuse Orangemen.

If you want to find our seat, the back has you covered...

Alas, Syracuse defeated our Longhorns, 23 to 14. 

I happened to find a picture of the program online. I really wish I had it instead of the ticket, since it's got really cool graphics! Oh well, 'twas not to be!

That's it for now! (Where did I put those cargo shorts?....)

Until next time, keep searching for treasure!


  1. My Grade 6 English teacher was a huge Syracuse fan. She wore orange to school every game day.

    1. My biggest discovery in researching this (as little as I did) was that they were the Orangemen. And now they're just the Orange? I'm not sure all of that makes much srnse to me, but no one asked my opinion, lol!

    2. Your research inspired me to do a little reading of my own about the history of the name. It was simultaneously much simpler and more complicated than I thought. Ever since I was a kid I assumed "Orangemen" was a reference to the Orange Order in Northern Ireland, a Protestant group loyal to King William of Orange, whose members are often referred to as "Orangemen." But apparently, they just thought it was a good color? And the men in orange uniforms were just... orange men? I guess Grandma was right; you do learn something new every day.

    3. (Oh, and the art on that program is pretty keen!)

    4. Wow! I never even thought about William of like....since high school!
      I think your theory is better than reality, so I'm adopting it. Thanks!


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