Monday, December 18, 2023

Book a Christmas Tradition

 This week we have a couple of books that mean a lot to me- especially at this time of year.

First, we have a book from my childhood...

The Littlest Angel was written by Charles Tazewell in 1946. It's about a little boy angel that just doesn't fit in to Heaven. Still his gift to the Christ Child becomes the greatest of all. It's a really wonderful story and I highly recommend it if you heart needs a little warming.

The art work in this edition is very nice, in my opinion.

My book was published in 1947, so it's probably a second printing. However, I wouldn't take a thousand bucks for it. Why? Because of this picture:

Yes, that's a five year old Stu being read this exact copy by his mom. I'm also pretty attatched to this picture!

The next book doesn't mean quite as much to me, but is fun. I bought this in 1975 and I still have it!

It's a little yellowed and kind of rumpled, but I still read at least some of it every year!

Here's a random page, just because...

The back cover is also fun. Remember all that weird stuff that you could order from comic books? Well, here it is! I never ordered any of it, but I'm pretty sure most of it was junk. Still, it was fun junk!

And that's it for this week! Have a great Holiday! Merry week before Christmas!!!

And keep searching for treasure!

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  1. Stu, your photo is priceless! And so is the book...what wonderful memories!


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