Saturday, April 8, 2023

Building the Moonliner- Part Two

 Last week we featured part one of my quest to build a flying Moonliner model. This week we have part two! I hope you enjoy it!

I actually won a contest! This was from the DARS Classic model rocket competition. 

One of three successful flights! 

The Moonliner today!

After flying three times, now she sits on the shelf and looks pretty. 

By the way all of the DARS newsletters can be found at

Thanks for indulging me!
Until next time, keep searching for treasure!


  1. Stu, that model looks incredible! I would give you an award too! In fact I am amazed at how great the model looks, and the fact that it was a real rocket just adds to the fun. Love the shot of it mid-flight!! Any idea how high it went?

  2. ^ Major Pooperidge??? Major, did you do that on purpose to see if we pay attention? Cuz we do! ;o)

    Stu, I absolutely love your Moonliner rocket. A lot of work went into it!
    As I've mentioned in the past, my husband used to build and fly model rockets in his younger years - and even after we were first married. He also helped some of the neighbor kids build and fly rockets, too. We had a farm field next to our house -- perfect for flying. The kids loved to shoot-off their rockets and then chase after them.

    The other day I was on eBay and saw a 'vintage' Disneyland men's leather jacket that had a Moonliner on the back. I went back today to try to find it - to link here for you to see - but I can't locate it now. I instantly thought of you when I saw it the other day. Maybe you already have one??

    Thanks for sharing your Moonliner!

  3. Thanks Major! (I'll leave the "poop" jokes alone for now) ;-) It really was a lot of work and guessing as to if it would even fly!

    Thanks, Sue! I don't fly much any more, but mainly because my weekend always seem to be jammed packed with other stuff. Thanks cool that your husband used to fly! And that jacket sounds really cool! Now I guess I have something else to "quest" for , lol!

  4. Oh, and I estimate it went about 500 feet!


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