Saturday, September 10, 2022

The Haunting Season...

 Well, September is upon us, which means October is near, which means the days are getting shorter...the nights are getting longer...the wind is picking up...and the spooks and goblins are getting ready to get jiggy wit it! Ah, ya just gotta love Fall!

So, in celebration of the season, for the next few weeks I'm going to feature spooky games from my board game collection! They will be from the 60s, 70s, and 80s and have been chosen completely at random (yes, I have more than I'll share this year- that way I can feature some next year!)

For this post I have a game from the 80s that blurs the line between "game" and "toy." These are, of course, the best games of all. I think I picked this one off of eBay simply because it was so darn cheap. As it turns out, it's very rare (remember, gang, "rare" doesn't always mean "valuable."). May I present to you...Creeps Castle!!!

The box illustration tells you about all you need to know about the game...

Oh, ok... if you need words, here are a few on the side...

What? You only speak French? Then why are you reading this blog??? Well, this week we can help you out anyway...

I assume this says exactly what the English side says.. 

And here is the actual game. The mechanism works well, and randomly changes which "creeps" will attack each time the metal ball is dropped. 

A closeup of the creepy castle...

And another...

The instructions are very simple, and really there is no skill involved in this game at all. It's all dumb luck. Kind of like life. Ohhhh, that got real deep real fast...

Anyway, as interesting as the ball mechanism is, this is by far NOT my favorite game. Still  it has it's charm, I suppose. 

Don't worry, though. In the next few weeks we'll have some actual classics!

Until next time keep searching for haunted treasure!!!!! (Insert evil laugh)


  1. I guess most of the games back then were "dumb luck" type games. Anyone can win. I excelled at those. Dumb luck rules, along with it's older sister, bad luck. We are on a first name basis.
    That game looks like fun to play. Enough toy to keep you interested.
    My sister and I were talking about games we used to play and Uncle Wiggly came up large in our memories.
    Thanks Stu, I think you snagged a good one.

    1. Thanks! It says it takes about 10 minutes to play and I'd say that's about as long as it holds your interest, so they did well with game design.
      Uncle Wiggly is a classic from my childhood as well. I actually don't own an example, though. Now you'll have me looking out for a good vintage one, lol!

  2. Happy Birthday, Stu! We’ll all be over tonight for game night...I’ll bring a cake. What’s your favorite cake??


    1. Thanks, Sue!
      Actually, I like tres leches cake but that might be hard to find in Chicago. So let's go with good ol' chocolate!

    2. I think it's safe to say that you are clearly drawn to spooky toys and games! Me too, though I was usually too cheap to buy them. I do have a Haunted Mansion pop-up book that I've never opened. Mint in shrink-wrap! So I've never been able to enjoy it, but hey, maybe someday I will be able to sell it for $11.

    3. Durnit, that last comment was me, Major Pepperidge.

  3. Hey, Major!
    We have that popup book too, although my daughter played with it when she was little so now it's kinda messed up.
    I think my love for Alfred Hitchcock and the 3 Investigators and The Ghost and Mr. Chicken tainted me for life, lol!


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