Monday, May 9, 2022

Counting the Days to Disneyland

 Ok, I'm not actually counting down for a Disneyland trip, but as an elementary school counselor,  I am counting the days until the school year is out! Soon....very soon...

Now where was I? Oh yeah! 

I'm actually surprised that I haven't featured this item before. It's a chrome perpetual flip calendar from Disneyland! Here are the pictures:

It's fairly small. The base is about 1 3/4 inches square, and it's 2 inches tall. The whole thing is 100% hard to photograph chrome.

I don't really know when this was made, but I would say late 50s to early 60s if I was guessing (which obviously I am). That's when these type calendars were very popular and the graphics seem to be from around then. Could I be wrong? Sure!

I also don't know what such an item would go for. I was only able to find one on the ol' interwebs. It was an old Worthpoint entry, and I didn't want to pay to find out. I am, as I have said repeatedly, cheap. I seem to remember that when I bought it, I thought it was fairly expensive, but with me that could mean anything.

Anyway, I actually use it at work, where it's been on my desk for years. Every now and then a kid will want to play with it and I let them see it because it's really well made. Unless they threw it across the room, I really don't think they could hurt it.

So there you go! A cool collectible that's also functional! The best of both worlds!

Until next time, keep searching for treasure!


  1. Where do you plug it in??

    Stu, what an interesting find! What’s the background story?
    Did you purchase it somewhere?

    It’ll be interesting to hear if any of your readers has seen one of these before, and knows more about it.

    Thanks, Stu.

  2. I've never seen one of those before and it is totally cool. Fantastic find Stu.

  3. When you consider the dimensions, that baby is small for something like that. Bet it came in a cool little box too.

  4. Hi guys!
    I don't know why my blog has suddenly turned everyone into "Anonymous," but it's par for the course. Thanks for hanging in there!
    Sue, I found it on eBay years ago. I have only seen the one on Worthpoint to compare it to. There is another version that's gold toned with a Disney crest badge applied that seems to be a little more common. That's about all I know!
    I do use it every day. In fact, as I was typing this I reached over and switched it to "12." Good times!

  5. Plus it deleted my first comment, so I'll say it again. Very cool little item. Bet it came in a cool little box.

  6. One of my doctors' offices has a perpetual calendar at the reception desk that works by moving different sizes and colors of wooden blocks; it always makes me think of it's a small world.

  7. DrGoat, it probably did, but I didn't get that part!
    Melissa, we have one of those at my school, and now that you've said that, I'll always think of Small World too, lol!

  8. Stu, what a great vintage Disneyland souvenir! I have one that is almost identical, but it's a generic version without "Disneyland" on it, or the image of the Castle. It was my grandfather's and he always kept it on his desk. After he passed away, my grandmother gave it to me.


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