Saturday, April 9, 2022

Rails of One Are Lots of Fun!

 Well, its getting kind of late here at Disneyland, so I guess we should be heading back to the hotel.

I know!!!

Ta Da! The Disneyland Monorail!
Full disclaimer, this is the second version of the game, released in 1960. It's called "The Blue Box Game" for obvious reasons. The graphics are about as mid-century as you're ever going to find, though, and that alone is worth the price of admission! Interestingly enough, this version actually books for about twice what the original edition does. What does that one look like? Well, we have to wait on Mr. Postman to see... (dramatic forshadowing).

Let's open the box and look at the board, shall we? The minimalist graphics continue inside. I like the triangle Monorail Game logo on the lower right corner of the board.
The instructions are pretty simple. The players race each other AND the Casey Jr. About the most interesting thing about this game is that the Casey Jr. can actually win, which means the players don't! However, game play is very simple and dice motivated. There is no real element of skill, you are simply a passenger hoping to get there the fastest.

Here is the game set up in all of its glory! The Casey Jr. is the red piece on the outside track is Casey. He moves from black line to black line on the roll of the red die. If he lands on a flag, the player's monorail token does what it says, not Casey. The monorails move on the white die roll. The only wrinkle is that you have to finish on an exact roll, and if you roll too high, you skip your turn.

By the way, when I first opened the game to do this post, I remembered that it had two white die instead of two colors. What did I do? Well, if you read last week's blog, that red die might ring a bell...

And there you have it! I really like the look of this game because it seems to go so well with the "futuristic" monorail theme. However, the original had some pretty good graphics, so....

You'll have to wait and see!

Until next time, keep searching for treasure!


  1. I noticed, on the box cover, that we’re back to the pink elephant. They just couldn’t make up their mind, could they??

    I like the game plot because it’s different, but I do have one nagging question:
    WHY do we have to beat Casey Jr. back?

    The cookies are done.

    1. Blogger ate my reply...
      So, I'll sum up: If Casey wins time and space will cease to be. Or...something...

      I'll take three cookies!

    2. As a (very) side note, they used to have a frozen confection at Sic Flags Over Texas called a "Pink Thing." It came on a plastic stick that had a rather flat circus animal on it when you finished it. Now I think they should have had "Pink Elephants." That would have been more fun...

  2. The art is simple but still gorgeous. I especially like Monstro and the flying saucer.

    1. I totally agree! In fact, I like this version better than the original, and it's pretty spectacular...which you will see soon ;-)


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