Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Next Three From '71!!!

I know you've been waiting for them, and here they are! The next three Hot Wheels from that groovy year of 1971!!!

Ok, let's get on with it, shall we?

All racing teams need a pit crew, although I'm not sure all pit crews need a futuristic dedicated purpose car/van. But in Hot Wheels World we go big! The Pit Crew Car will get the guys to the track in style!

And where would the crew be without their tools? When you open the rear hatch, the tool tray slides out a bit.

And of course you also have to get the car there. The Racer Rig is just the truck to do it! The Bragham Repco F1 that it's carrying is one of four I now own. I got three of them at an estate sale a couple of months ago. 25 redlines and 10 60s Matchbox cars for 20 bucks. Sometimes you hit it big!

Anyway, back to the Racer Rig... The trailer has pull out ramps and a tool box because play value was important!

Finally, we have the Rocket Bye Baby. I'm pretty sure that's actually a jet engine on its back, but Jet Bye Baby makes no sense.

When you pull out the tail pipes, the intakes open on the sides. Why? It looks cool. It makes no logical sense that I can figure out, but neither does a jet powered rocket car. So there.

So there you have it! Three more are coming soon! Until then, keep searching for treasure!

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