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Disneyland Day One- Part Two!

 Greetings Attic Explorers!

This week we look at the second half of my first day back at Disneyland in over 50 years (thanks to my wonderful daughter, Jess!) When we left off last week, we had just left Walt's apartment! What's next?

Lunch! This came care of New Orleans Square. We had some pretty tasty bread bowls. I had the New England clam chowder and Jess had the veggie stew. At first I wondered why they gave us rolls with our soup...then I realized those are the plugs that were cut out of the bowls! It made much more sense then!

Next we wandered into this strange little room in Adventureland! Wow, a lot of weird stuff happened!
Actually, it was nice to see the original show (or as close as you can get to it!) The Tikki Room is always nostalgic fun!

We stopped in front of the castle and had a photopass photographer take a couple of pictures.

Of course Tink stopped by too...

We went over to "The Island Formally Known as Tom Sawyer" and explored the caves. We actually had a good time wandering around, and while waiting to go back to the mainland, had a passing nod to to the good Captain.

We then headed to It's a Small World. I like the Disneyland version better than Walt Disney World because the facade is SO MUCH better! I also like the boats loading outside. Inside, the scenes seem a little more intricate. By the way, I actually like the Disney characters that were added. I know. You can throw rocks at me later...

Ah, that beautiful facade. Great work by Rollie and Mary!

Next we headed to Galaxy's Edge for the Smuggler's Run. Jess had ridden before, but I hadn't. She suggested that I be "right seat pilot." She was left seat, and some poor family with two small kids filled the other four positions. We did...poorly.
It was a ton of fun, though, with lots of laughter all around!

Ugh! Not so good on that score!

Hey, I don't remember an X-wing flyover!

Hey, that's not a trash can!

On the way back over we saw Tiana. This princess was doing a great job! Hopefully her version of Splash will do the original justice!

When we got to Tomorrowland, we saw signs for a special photo opportunity for Disney Visa holders. Since both Jess and I have those, we checked it out. It turns out it was with a tall, very determined individual. The cast members played Empire officers to a T. Jess was actually pretty intimidated here!

After we assured him we were not rebels, we had our picture made...

An old friend's kid was right outside, so I got a picture. It's a bit smaller than the original, but it's still cool!

Next we took on the mean streets of the Autopia! We are flying down the street, man!  The track seems longer and more interesting than the WDW track.

Then we headed over to the subs! Although they aren't the same as when I was a kid (man, they layed the Nemo stuff on THICK) it was good to show it to Jess. She missed the WDW version by one year as a kid.

Ok, she may have been playing this up a bit...

Next we went to the Sleeping Beauty Castle walkthough. It was very nice and quiet, with great artwork and clever effects.

A very nice castle shot, if I say so myself!

We ate dinner at Carnation. I had chicken fried chicken and Jess had salmon. It was very tasty! And then.....

My phone battery died.

So, you'll just have to imagine the next part, I'm afraid...

We went back to Fantasyland and went on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. It was a ton of fun! I love how the cars cut back and forth and crash through the flats. I didn't like how short the ride was, but that's a classic dark ride for you!

We then took in Pinnochio. I've heard that this "new" dark ride isn't quite as good as the classics, but I enjoyed it quite a bit! The trip through Pleasure Island was actually a little creepy!

After that we walked over to Snow White. It was nice, but it never has been my favorite. It's like the un-scary-ed it a bit too much. It seemed kind of watered down. Maybe the contrast with Pinnochio was a bad thing. Still, it's a classic...

By this time the park was officially "closed," but we decided to head over to Rise of the Resistance just to see if we could get on. Less than 30 minutes later we were on!

I had never ridden it before and all I can say is "wow!" The immersive experience was fantastic! I'll admit, I got griped at by the First Order officers, but not as much as the guy next to me, so I count that as a win. 

This ride is pretty intense. Not in a roller coster way (although there in one small drop) but in a dramatic way. Also, for a lot of it, you're going pretty quickly backwards. 

Jess and I have never been big coaster fans, but this ride was thrilling without being a coaster, so that was also a plus. I highly recommend it!

After the ride, we were exhausted. We had been in the park almost 15 hours! As we walked down the brighly lit Main Street (almost two hours after official park closing) suddenly the lights went out with a boom! Then image mapping went over the buildings on both sides of the street and music blared through the speakers and we were in a full blown dance party! Strobes, lasers, and projections danced all over Main Street and the castle! The perfect ending to the perfect day! 

We walked back to our room and collapsed into our beds, thrilled, happy, and ready to take on California Adventure in the morning!


  1. Yay, part two! Those bread bowls look scrumptious. I would've had the clam chowder as well. And I would've eaten all of the empty bread bowl too.

    I notice a couple of tikis in the "strange little room". So I guess they haven't gotten rid of all of them yet. Do they still have the animatronic chanting tikis on the corner beams? That was my favorite part of the show back in 1975.

    Did you add Tink to that photo (as well as t X-wing fighters in the Galaxy's Edge photo)? Or is that something that the Park provides?

    That's a nice nighttime photo of the Castle. But... what is that bright pink and blue structure sitting atop the Castle? ;-)

    Darned phone battery... I would've liked to have seen at least one photo of the interior; they're so rare.

    Sounds like you and Jess had a wonderful time, Stu (numbers). Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. ^ I meant the interior of Mr. Toad.

    1. Hey, JB!
      I ate most of my bowl, but it started to get a little heavy...and adventure was calling! I'm sad to admit that I gave in to my inner nine year old and didn't finish it!
      It looked to me that all the animatronics were in attendance. The special part for me was the fountain, which WDW doesn't have.
      Thise pics were from the Disney photographers. The service was included in the package Jess got us!
      I think the pink stuff is whipped cream ;-)
      I'm not sure I would have gotten an insude Tiad pic anyway. I'd have been nervous about dropping my camera, lol! Still, if we go back, I'll try to get one for you!
      Thanks for reading! More soon!

  3. So cool! Great pictures! Yeah, with all the stuff you have to do on the phone app, it's more than most batteries can take in a day. People either have to bring a backup device or one of those chargers you don;t have to plug in. It's a bummer.

    1. Well, as a spoiler alert, it happened the next day too. Still, I got some good stuff! ;-)

  4. Stu, I'm enjoying every picture and detail you're posting about your trip. It sure looks like you and Jess had a blast!


    1. Thanks Sue! We really did!
      Starting to write the next post now!

  5. Oh man, I am late to the party!

    Yum, that soup in the bread bowls looks pretty tasty, do you eat the bowl when you’re done? Maybe you’re too full at that point.

    I’m glad you got to see the Tiki Room, it’s such a wonderful relic of the 1960s - the kind of thing that is growing harder and harder to find at Disneyland.

    The photo of the two of you with Tink is great, I didn’t know they could do that for you!

    I also didn’t know that Jack Sparrow might join guests on the raft over to the Island, pretty fun. I do love the IASW facade, although I’ve talked to many people who prefer the interior (“flooded sets”) of the Florida version.

    I feel like I enjoyed the queue and pre-show for “Smuggler’s Run” more than the actual ride, but then again, I was put in one of the seats that doesn’t matter. I was supposed to push some buttons, but instead I whined and ruined things for everyone, as is my way.

    Cool that you saw R2-D2, that CM is telling everyone to take a chill pill. The photo of the little girl with Tiana is pretty darn cute.

    When did they repaint the Pizza Planet rocket from its TWA paint job to this “new” version? I loved the nod to the old Tomorrowland, but I guess it was too obscure to most patrons.

    I am glad that Disneyland still has the subs, but you sure don’t need to ride it very many times until the jokes fall flat. And the Castle walk thru is one of my favorite things in the park!

    It sounds like you had a really great day, and managed to do almost everything you wanted to. “Rise of the Resistance” really lives up to the hype, I got to do it twice on my last visit, and enjoyed it very much both times. My favorite part is the unexpected elevator to the upper level!

    I look forward to your California Adventure trip report! Thanks, Stu.

    1. Well, I just wrote a long response, and it didn't save!!!

      I'll try to replicate it...

      Hi Major! Better late than never!

      I started eating the bowl, but I got full! You get your money's worth with it!

      Yes, the Tiki room has a special magic! I was especially glad to see the fountain, which WDW has never had!

      No, Tink really was there!!! ;-)

      The flooded rooms are the only thing that WDW has over the DL version. I prefer DL!

      I ruined Smugglers by randomly running into EVERYTHING!

      That CM is telling R2 that he's on her foot! I'm sure he wasn't really, but it was funny!

      Yes, the CM playing Tiana was fantastic with the kids. I hope the ride is a hit, but it sounds boring to me (food co-ops and salt mines???)

      I was just glad to see some version of the Moonliner!

      Yeah, the subs are dull, but I still had to ride them!

      I forgot about the evevator up! It was almost as exciting as the drop!

      Speaking of drops, my California Adventure post just dropped! I hop you enjoy it!

  6. We were lucky on our 2022 visit that our phone batteries didn’t die on us. I have no idea why with the Disney + app and all of the photo taking.

    The cast members who portray the Empire and First Order do a great job of hamming it up in character. Mrs. Chuck took a selfie in the second waiting area in Rise of the Resistance, and the CM she had been interacting with who had been (in character) refusing to take a picture with her for “security reasons” photo-bombed it at the last second.

    ”An old friend’s kid was right outside…” :-) Is it just me, or does it remind you of the original Alpha III color scheme, too?

    Looking forward to more…


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