Sunday, October 29, 2023

A Spooky Finale!

 Well, I started to write about another Halloween game, but it was kind of dull, so I went a little crazy and added in some Hallo-extras!

Let's do the game first, shall we?

This was a thrift store find a few years ago. It's not as old as I'm usually interested in, being from 1983, but Scooby is from the 60s, so I guess it qualifies. Scrappy is probably one of the most hated cartoon additions ever. I'm not kidding. Scooby fans apparently love to hate him! 

The box is open!

And under the board is...well...not much.

There are a ton of instructions for a game for little kids... I'll let you read through them.

Here is the board all set up...

And here is the spinner. It seems like they could have just used a die, but this game seems to have been designed on the cheap.

Here is the board with nothing on it. It's a race game with a double track- one for Scooby and one for Scrappy!

And that's it. 

It's a nice enough game, but for my Halloween finale, it seems weak... So, let's look around the attic for random items, shall we?

The first think I found is a puzzle that I've featured before, but I really like it! So here you go!

Not "Haunted Mansion," mind you, but "Haunted House!" I'm nerdy enough to think that's really cool!

Here are the pieces! They're all there!

Next we have a new tumbler that I bought last year at Spirit Halloween. It looks plastic, but it's actually ceramic and very heavy. This side features a really cool Rolly Crump design...

And this side has the official logo...

I also got this large, heavy ceramic coffee mug.

On the reverse, we have our favorite hitchhiking ghosts...

Speaking of heavy things bought at Spitit Halloween, this wall plaque is made of very heavy resin and is almost a foot tall!

That's all I bought at Spirit, but I picked this up at a yard sale. I know nothing about it, but it's still in the plastic wrap and has the Disney World price tag on the back. It cost 15.00 originally...
Yes, it's our favorite Haunted Hotel!

Finally, we have another wall plaque that my daughter got me a couple of years ago. It's a little larger than the other one, and much lighter, being made of plastic... But it has a secret!

If you press the scull on the bottom of the sign...

BOO! It lights up and plays Grim Grinning Ghosts! Very cool! And Spooooooooky!

So there you go! 


I'm already planning next Halloween's posts!

Until next time, keep searching for spooky treasure!


  1. Happy Halloween, Stu! My plastic pumpkin is now filled with candy, so I'm heading over to your house to play Halloween games. (Remember, I keep the KitKats.)

    I love your spooky treasures - especially the last one - how cool is that! (Your daughter is a keeper - what a dear.)


    1. Happy Halloween, Sue!
      I actually DO have some KitKats, lol!
      Yeah, I think I'll keep her!

    2. Nice "Halloween" post and related items, Stu! I really like that puzzle! I wonder if it could have come out before the attraction actually opened? That might be the reason for the "Haunted House" name.

      Wow, I had no idea that the Spirit Halloween Stores sold Disneyland and WDW merchandise!

      Happy belated Halloween, Stu! I hope you had a good one!

      - TokyoMagic!

    3. Hi TM! Somehow I missed that you had posted! I really thought that was the case, but then someone told me that it was an "after opening" item. Still that doesn't make much sense to me, so maybe!
      Yeah, Spirit has a lot of stuff, as does Lowes! I can't go too crazy, as my wife is not a Haunted Mansion lover, I'm afraid!


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