Friday, November 2, 2018

Disneyland, 1961 Style!

You don't often find vintage Disneyland stuff around North Texas; at least not as much as you would in Southern California. So, I was a little surprised to find the following items at an estate sale last weekend. This is what I found...

First, we have these tickets from March 18, 1961! Now these aren't typical tickets, but, rather, "Magic Kingdom Club" tickets that included all the attractions for one price! What a crazy idea! 5 bucks in 1961 is $42.21 now, so it's still a great deal even today.

 Next, we have "Walt Disney's Guide to Disneyland," 1960 edition! This book is in great condition, and it really sets the mood for the early '60s version of the park!

Here we have Walt's personal introduction inside the front cover. As a kid, I really thought Walt wrote everything attributed to him. As an adult, it makes sense that he would sign off on his professional writers' work.

The table of contents gives a glance at all the wonders covered in the text!

The photography in the book is fantastic and really shows how special the park was. Do they even still have "Pablum?"

Interestingly, the only attraction that made it out of the "dreaming" phase at Disneyland was the "Haunted House," which, of course, became the "Haunted Mansion." I didn't even know "Chinatown" and "Adventures in Science" were being considered. "Liberty Street" became "Liberty Square" at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

Finally, we have a land by land rundown of the whole park!

There were many more pages that I didn't photograph, but these give you an idea of the book. All in all, not a bad find!

Until next time, keep searching for treasure!


  1. Way, late, but great finds, Stu! I've always loved the little illustrations that accompanied the attraction descriptions. The same (or mostly the same) thumbnail sketches appeared in the INA guides up through the mid-'70s.

  2. Way way late seeing this Chuck! Yeah, I love the illustrations too! Its all great fun!


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