Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Driving the Flying Dutchman!

1962 was a good year. Not only did I happen to be born then, but the baby boomer toy craze was kicking into high gear. Yep, it was a good time to be a kid!

I happened to pick up one of those 1962 toys a while back at a local auction. I didn't know much about this particular item, or even if it worked, but it looked so darn cool, I decided to put in a low-ball bid- and by golly I won!

Therefore, I present to you; the Remco Flying Dutchman!

After I won the car, I found out a bit more about it. It is a battery operated toy, that was U-line controlled. Now, I had seen gas powered U-line cars before, but not electric models! Apparently Remco also made a U-line controlled land speed car called The Shark. My car included all of the parts except for a card-stock driver that fit in a slot in the front seat.

Anyway, the Flying Dutchman is a big toy (about 16 inches long), has a working front headlamp (that can be turned on independently of the motor) and is just overall cool!

Now when I went to write this blog about it, I realized that I still didn't know if it worked. I never bought four D cell batteries to find out! So, I made a quick trip to the store, opened the hood, and plunked in the batteries.

I flipped a switch on the dashboard and the headlamp flickered on...but no motor. I was beginning to think that the motor had died due to age (which happens a lot in older toys). Then I pulled on the control rod on the side of the car to see the front wheels turn to the left. The motor stirred. I pulled more and nudged the back wheels with my fingers and slowly they started turning. Then they turned faster and faster and suddenly (in who knows how long) the Flying Dutchman was running at full speed! Now I just might have to take her out for a drive!

Here are some more pictures just for fun!

The functioning headlamp!

The adjustable U-line control arm

The U-line handle in place.


Big toys= big fun!

So there ya go! Until next time, keep searching for treasure!


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