Thursday, June 16, 2016

1968...When Hot Wheels Popped Up Everywhere!

Welcome back to the attic! Today we are going to travel to 1968 and look at one of the cooler accessories Mattel released for their then brand new Hot Wheels line. The first year for Hot Wheels saw 16 cars released, some track pieces, a carrying case, and three pop-up buildings. They were the service station, the house and car port, and this one...

Yep, the Pop-Up Speed Shop!

I'm not actually sure if I had the Speed Shop or the house and car port as a kid, but when I saw this little beauty at a local flea market, I knew I had to have it! When I bought it, the guy had a Shelby Turbine car with it, but I switched it out with the Custom Fleetside for the photo shoot, since I wanted it all vintage 1968. I also added the piece of "Hot Strip" track, since as you can see in the fine print, it was not included!

I can remember how cool I thought these pop-up buildings were as a kid (ok, I actually still do). You would fold them open and have a whole world for your favorite Hot Wheels to drive through! It didn't matter that the walls were a bit warped. It sparked the imagination!

Which is where I think video games and electronics come up short. All of the imagination there comes from the programmer, not the kid. I'm an advocate for simpler (but still really cool!) toys.

Enough of my soap box! Keep searching for treasure!

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